Digital Library of Northern Thai Manuscripts
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Digital Library of Northern Thai Manuscripts (Lanna)

The Digital Library of Northern Thai Manuscripts is designed as a resource for the study of traditional literature from this region. At present it contains images of over 5,800 manuscripts.

It assembles four digital collections:

  • Preservation of Northern Thai Manuscripts Project (PNTMP; 3,914 manuscripts 159,564 images),

  • Digital Library of Northern Thai Manuscripts (DLNTM; 1,051 manuscripts 39,547 images),

  • Dokumentarische Erfassung literarischer Materialien in den Nordprovinzen Thailands (DELMN; 991 manuscripts 13,419 images) and

  • Harald Hundius Handwritten Collection (HHHWC; 181 manuscripts 21,222 images).

Collaborating institutions are the University of Pennsylvania, Chiang Mai University, the National Library of Laos, and Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin. The project is funded by the Henry Luce Foundation and the German Federal Foreign Office.

Note: Enter your search term into the search slot above either in transcription or in original script to produce a list of search results. Drill down the result list by selecting one or more filter terms displayed in the column on the left on the result page.

Currently Thai and transcribed/English terms are shown together in the filter selection; the display of metadata can be switched between transliterated/English by using the pull-down menu above.

For more materials concerning this collection and the project etc. please refer to this page.